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Double Glazing Window And Door Repairs

Fix Draughts and Steamy Windows

Homeowners can wake up to water trapped in between their double glazing. Alternatively, a family member can accidently crack a window which subsequently needs replacement. Home Design Glazing is a Coulsdon based company that serves customers across London, Kent, and Surrey. We provide all aspects of double-glazing repairs including new doors and windows.

Steamy windows can cause an annoyance. The cause of the steam could be an old pane or the need for a seal replacement. Other customers might notice that they need new windows installed because their current ones are no longer sealing along an edge between the frame and the window.

Depending on the size of your double-glazed windows or doors, our glaziers can reseal, replace, and fix broken panes. You can contact us to restore the insulative quality of your window panels and doors.

man repairing a window frame with a tool
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Fix Faulty Sliding Doors

Double glazing and sliding doors can loosen at their bottom panels and let cold draught into your house. The solution to this means that you have to adjust the latch on the lock that pulls the door closer to the frame.


Alternatively, our glazier can adjust the hinges and move the door over to the side where the draught is to make a seal.

Not sure how to realign an aluminium door that is sagging and grinding?


Our team can help if you are dealing with this issue. Visitors will take notice of the appealing exterior that your aluminium doors add to your property. Give us a call so that we can keep your doors healthy and functional.


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Rooflights and Skylights repairs

Get your rooflights and skylights fixed by a specialist that takes pride in delivering a fast, friendly window repair service. You are in safe hands because our public liability insurance covers

Why should you hire us for a project?

1.      FENSA Registered Glaziers    

2.      Protection from The Glazing Arbitration Scheme    

3.      Workmanship guarantee

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Hours of Business

Monday - Friday: 9am - 6pm

Contact us for window repair

Old or damaged windows and doors can leave your home feeling cold and damp. That's why you need the window repair experts at Home Design Glazing. We can repair windows, skylights and even doors.

Call 020 8087 0704 to speak to a window repair expert today.

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